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About Us

Yindyamarra is a word from the Wiradjuri language meaning 'respect, be gentle, be polite and do slowly'.
Yindyamarra Consultancy promotes an appreciation and respect for Australia's First people and their culture. Our challenge is uphold core competencies in our area of expertise to meet and exceed our clients' expectations.

We aim to:
  1. Educate and assist our clients to develop cultural protocols ensuring they are dealing with Aboriginal clients
  2. and communities in the most respectful, caring and appropriate manner 
  3. Enhance our clients success rates by providing a culturally sound service that engages and supports Aboriginal individuals and communities
  4. Assist our clients to be satisfied that they are providing an appropriate, supportive and respectful environment for their Aboriginal employees

Yindyamarra Consultancy works with any groups or individuals who provide services to, or are in regular contact with Aboriginal people.

Our clients include Retail and Corporate Industry, Mining companies, Non Government Organisations and Government Departments including Federal, State and Local Governments.

Whilst Yindyamarra Consultancy is a NSW based entity we have the business capacity to provide our services anywhere in Australia. Yindyamarra Consultancy's challenge is to promote core competencies in our area of expertise.