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Our Services

Yindyamarra Consultancy offers a wide range of services and exceptional support to build successful Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander relationships for many types of businesses. We provide in-depth business expertise that is the result of extensive hands-on experience working with the First Peoples of Australia, and offer the cultural knowledge required to sucessfully build enduring community diversity.

Our services include:

  • Aboriginal Cultural Awareness & Appreciation Training
  • Developing Aboriginal Cultural Proficiency
  • Aboriginal Community Engagement
  • Policies & Protocol Development
  • Mentoring Services
  • Aboriginal Employment Strategies
  • Project & Contract Management
  • Delivery of Accredited & Non Accredited Training
  • Facilitation of Group Meetings
  • Events Planning
  • Conference Energisers
  • Team Building
  • Assistance with Tender Documents
  • Submission Writing
  • Establishment of Specific Industry Consultative Groups
  • Aboriginal Participation Plans
  • Strategic Planning

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What Our Clients Say

The program was delivered using a variety of teaching techniques which made the learning very engaging. Excellent program, well done!

Fantastic, well presented. I think all Australians should do this program.

I feel as though I have a deeper understanding of Aboriginal Culture and awareness surrounding all issues and the past.

I really wasn't sure what I would get from this session. Now I am leaving having enjoyed this program thoroughly. I will be able to put some of what I have learnt into action and continue to learn more as I go.

Loved hearing Brad talk about his family and speaking in language.

Excellent, Caring, Overwhelming & Confronting. It's empowering to have more knowledge.

Very Informative. Well portrayed by putting us in the hot seat, making us see it from the other side.

Thank you, delivered with passion, knowledge and sincerity.

Evening courses can be very draining but this has been a pleasure. A lot of information to take on.

I am confident that the content of this course will help me to communicate and generally interact with Aboriginal people in a more appropriate and sincere way.

The program was excellent, the inclusion of local content was brilliant and highly relevant.

An excellent presentation of the history of our country and the abhorrent violation perpetrated on Aboriginal Australians by the British and ultimately the 'White' generations to come. There was also a sense of hope that this sharing of knowledge can lead to a better future as we all have an improved understanding. I feel so fortunate to have been able to participate today and thank you so much to the presenters Donna and Brad.

your relationships with Australia’s First People.

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